A Legend (from the Latin lagenda ) – is something to be read – and was, originally, a story put down in writing, meant to be read publicly, and containing a key element – a focus on a particular place, object, character, story, etc.
Some writers still make a distinction between myth and legend – for them, a legend takes real facts and renders them magical. Passed down through oral storytelling traditions, the story’s details change and evolve with each retelling.
Over time, the legend becomes a fictional story, a myth for future societies. Losing its specific details, it becomes augmented and amplified in fantastical ways. In modern language, the word legend has become synonymous with myth, referring to something whose existence cannot be proven.



Leaving Scars – Galleria Argentina – Argentinian Embassy

Solo exhibition

Leaving Scars – Galleria Argentina – Argentinian Embassy – From May 4 to 18 – Paris
Please Find Enclosed #02 – KENA Art Center – Bangalore 2015
Legends Are Fake – Düo gallery – Paris 2015
Ordinary Street – L’Autre Thé gallery – Paris 2012

Group exhibition

Fragment Photo Collective – Düo gallery – Paris 2015
Co-founder FRAGMENT Photo Collective 2014

Group projection

One Track Mind  MOIS DE LA PHOTO OFF– Oppidum gallery – Paris 2014
Carte Postale de France – STREET PARADE – Paris 2014

Awards & Honors

Young Reporter of the Year – Festival du Scoop et du Journalisme d’Angers Festival 2003